Connecting the Unconnected

The Child and Teen Checkups Outreach Team connects children on Medical Assistance to well child exams. We provide:

  • Reminder letters for periodic well child exams.
  • Linkage to medical, dental, and vision providers.
  • Assistance making appointments for well child exams and follow-up appointments.
  • Assistance with transportation to well child exams.
  • Education to parents on the importance of well child exams.
  • Coordination with family home visitors, Head Start, social workers, and WIC.

My child's appointment includes:

  • Information about physical and mental health.
  • Complete head-to-toe physical exam.
  • Immunizations, when needed.
  • Hearing check.
  • Vision check.
  • Blood Lead/Lab Tests (when needed).
  • Checks on development and growth.
  • Oral health screening and a referral to the dentist.
  • Time to ask questions and get answers about your child's health, behavior and development.
  • Time to discuss your child’s thoughts, feelings and relationships.